What to expect in a Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Posted: January 13, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Services

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what to expect

Having precise information and being prepared with the proper knowledge regarding problems about drugs are the keys to targeting and beating addiction. The most common practice in places like a Drug rehabilitation center is to immediately address the addiction problem of a patient. This involves a one on one or a private conversation with the client in order to determine the best treatment on the history of substance abuse. Integrated into that conversation is valuable information shared with the patients by the professional staff. This includes proper education about the negative effects of drug abuse and the ways in which drugs will drastically change their life. With such information, drug addicts will be able to absorb the necessity lessons to make a defining change in their lifestyle and quit drugs.

Valuable information regarding drug abuse that will be shared by professionals includes:

1. If you use enough drugs or pills that you pass out or can’t recollect segments of the past day, you may have an issue. The failure to remember chunks of time that recently happened is an aftereffect of drug use which keeps your mind from working properly. On the chance that you experience regular blackouts or lapses in memory, you should really consider seeking treatment.

2. Trembling hands are possibly an unrecognized indication of drug abuse. If you encounter instability in your grasp (particularly after a day/night of drug use), it could be due to damage of the nerves in your body caused by excessive use of the substance. If this happens often, you definitely need to see someone to address your issues.

3. Everyone encounters tension, insomnia and nausea at some point in their life but in the event that you encounter these symptoms for an extended period of time after you’ve attempted to quit a particular drug, it’s most likely that you have become dependent. Your body is experiencing these symptoms because it’s suffering from withdrawal. This implies that your body has become so dependent on drugs that it is incapable of handling an abrupt end to the drugs. Fortunately, these symptoms will inevitably abate once the substances have been removed from your body.

4. You may have probably tried to quit (or at least cut back) on drug use at some point. If you’ve tried quitting multiple times and can’t seem to simply quit the habit, it’s a clear indication that you are addicted. Once you become addicted, it’s difficult to control the amount of substance you take in every day. If you’ve tried to quit and can’t on your own, it may be time for you to seek assistance from a professional.

There is so much to learn that Drug Rehabilitation Centers can teach. Treatment programs, counseling and more detailed information regarding the above mentioned signs are just a few of the valuable courses offered at drug rehab center.

  1. Kendra Purtell

    Do you-guys help with coming off of Fentanyl patches? Will you be able to give me something to help in the withdrawal process? How long a process am I looking at?

    Thank you!!

    • Shane Carter

      Hi Kendra.
      How long were you using the patches and when did you stop? Going cold turkey from any narcotic pain medication is a bad idea. Many had experienced anxiety, intestinal cramping and vomiting, most last for up to 5 weeks. I assume that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms for many weeks now. If you are in pain, please immediately call the number listed on our site. Talk to an expert about your current situation, so that you can receive the best possible approach and cure.
      Looking forward to hearing more from you. Be well.