Building Self-Esteem: The Best Way to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Relapse

Posted: August 17, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Services

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Building Self-Esteem in Addiction recovery

People, from all different walks of life, suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. They have their own reasons why they fall so far. Whether it involves gambling, alcohol, drugs, or whatever else people turn to when they feel the need to escape, low self-esteem is often to blame. Many drug addiction programs experts believe there are four main causes for poor self-esteem.  Knowing the root causes for this negative feeling makes it easier to raise your or a loved one’s self esteem.

The following are common reasons for low self-esteem:


The feeling that there is no stability in one’s life is a major cause of low self-esteem. Individuals who feel this way exclaim that their lives are erratic and frightening. Especially among most young professionals, they have this feeling because they feel that their career is spiraling out of control. Self-esteem is often destroyed, when someone tries to be responsible when life is unstable. Examples include: when the individual is the breadwinner of the family. Although working addiction programs professionals are the group that is most likely to suffer from these feelings of uncertainties, anyone can lose confidence in these trying situations.

There are lots of ways these types of people can be helped.  Never stop encouraging the person for starters: tell him or her that nothing will ever change the way you feel about the individual. Tell them how proud you are of the person they have become, whenever you have a chance. You should never bring up past faults or addictions. Just seize the moment and make the present the best you can. Pay attention, if that person needs someone to talk to about the struggles, offer a listening ear. Let them release what pressures they have, before you offer ideas on how they can regain control of their lives.


A lot of people feeling the pain from drug addiction only feel more ashamed and judged once their loved ones know about it. Especially if their precious ones have never struggled with this kind of issue for themselves, addicts often perceive a sense of disconnect and insignificance. Once the troubled individual is surrounded and cornered by people, who have never abused alcohol and drugs, the addict feels even worse and insignificant. He or she may feel that they aren’t as strong as his or her loved ones. This sense of smallness is clearly a reason for low self-esteem.

Keep in mind that everyone finds ways to deal with problems differently. Abusing drugs and alcohol is an obscure technique similar to self-medication. Some individuals release their stress by worrying about their superficial looks. Others undergo from an alcohol and drug addiction to hobbies such as video games and exercising. If you know yourself and look honestly at your life, you also will quickly realize that you have suffered from at least a one addiction in the past.


Many individuals feel depraved specifically because of their drugs and alcohol addiction. Numerous people have ruined their relationships with loved ones while being addicted to drugs and alcohol or during the long process of recovery.  Knowing that they have wounded loved ones can cause enough stress to make anyone appear like a horrible person. Even if family and friends provide support and say that all is forgiven, recovering addicts usually feel a profound sense of guilt for many years.

If you want professional help from the sufferings of addiction, Addiction Treatment Care Services can help. They can help you find one of the best rehab centers that provides a unique treatment of addiction programs. They also help place in centers that provide diverse types of therapies and counseling to ensure each patient will rebuild their self-esteem and avoid possible relapse.

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